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Brandon & Sabrina's Story.

Last week Brandon and I attended an event sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA) in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month. At the event, the Executive Director had one ask: share your story. We figured there was no better way to share our story than to update all of our friends, family and supporters on how Brandon’s recovery is progressing on Brain Injury Awareness Day (today!) We have a lot of news to share!

In the last update, we mentioned that Brandon had been working out at the gym several days during the week. He began working with a personal trainer at the end of January to ensure that he could work out safely and the goal is to return to the peak physical shape he was in before his cycling accident. Well, Brandon is well on his way to reaching that goal. In just a month, he gained 12.5 pounds of lean muscle and 14 lost pounds of fat. That is a total of 8% body fat lost in just one month! I don’t know who was more excited, Brandon or his trainer! While some of this progress is due to his loss of muscle during 6 months of physical inactivity, a lot of it was due to his hard work and dedication to improving his physical condition. He works hard at the gym and at home, diligently does exercises prescribed to him by his Physical Therapist. While he’s not 100% yet, by the time Brandon gets back on a bike, you’ll never know he spent any time off of one!

We also mentioned in the last update that Brandon would be returning to work at the beginning of February. After consultation with his family and doctors, we all decided it was best for Brandon not to return; but instead to continue to focus on his holistic recovery. Brandon has had 107 doctor’s appointments since his accident, and he continues to see several doctors each week, making full-time employment nearly impossible. At this point, we all felt it was more important for Brandon to remain laser-focused on his recovery and not let anything get in his way. We’ve already seen that his physical recovery has been nothing short of remarkable, and we want the recovery to his brain to be the same. He will miss his students and the wonderful organization he worked for dearly, but his recovery is our number one priority and we are both putting as much of our energy into that as possible. He’s doing great and I know he will continue to progress on a path to full recovery.

I leave you with yet another plug for Brain Injury Awareness Day/Month. If you’re interested in learning more about brain injuries, check out the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington’s page ( and you can read a multitude of resources on brain injuries, including national statistics on brain injuries. Also, be sure to listen to the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington’s public service announcement on brain injuries. We know a lot of those voices! They’re amazing people!

We thought Brandon would be writing this update, but unfortunately, large amounts of computer time are not beneficial to his recovery. We’ll continue to write these together, and when Brandon is ready to update you, he will.

Thanks again for all of your support!
Sabrina and Brandon

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